28 oct until  1 november 2020



Seestrasse 119, 1716 Schwarzsee 




We are so glad to invit you at the first edition at partner acrobatics convention of Fribourg.


 Join us for 4 days of partner acrobatics, sharing and discover !


There will be a lot of different workshops, offering a nice panel of what is possible in acrobatic. For every taste there will be proposition in duo or groups. So, whatever your level is, wherever you are in your acro practice you will have the opportunity to discover and learn from great teachers (see presentation below) from the company XY, Switzerland, France, Cirque du Soleil and elsewhere.

Many other surprises await you: acrobatic games, Circassian Olympics with Swiss gifts, jams, small conferences, an open stage where everyone is welcome and invited to present an act.

The convention will be in Schwartzsee in a beautiful green area on the edge of the lac noir close to the mountain

28 oct - 1 nov 2020

Open from 16 years old

Pre convention : Wednesday 28 2020 / one day more training with Xavier et Ann-Kat

ACCOMODATION : in the nice, confortable  small dorms in wood, 4 beds

FOOD : the professionnal team of Schwarzsee take care about all meals, cleaning ...

Big sport space for us with a longe area

Acces to the schedule (still in process) : click on the pdf button 

230 ko

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